Scot Wilken Takes Down WSOPC Horseshoe Tunica Event for First Gold Ring

A relative WSOP Circuit newcomer, Scot Wilken took down a $400 No-Limit Hold’em event at Horseshoe Tunica for his first gold ring from the series
Scot Wilken, an amateur player from Wichita, Kansas, took down seasoned poker pros to claim the top prize in the WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Tunica $400 No-Limit Hold’em single-day event. Wilken has been playing the game for a while, but big poker success has eluded him.
The brand-new WSOP Circuit gold ring owner has a daily job as a janitor. He is married and a father of three. He has been able to play a couple of World Series of Poker events over the past few summers, but he admitted after his first WSOP Circuit triumph that this particular series was something relatively new to him.
New or not, Wilken did more than great over the weekend. The player finished 22nd in the opening event of the Tunica stop, good for $792. He then entered a stacked final table in the $400 No-Limit Hold’em single-day event to claim his largest ever poker cash and an accompanying gold ring.
Wilken could not stay throughout the entire Horseshoe Tunica festival as his daily job called again on Monday. However, the player’s triumph secured him with a nice bankroll for the upcoming WSOP. Wilken told WSOP Circuit staff that he plans to play several events in Las Vegas in early June.
Wilken’s Hunt for a Gold Ring
The single-day event drew 173 entries for a prize pool of $57,090. The field was whittled down to the final table relatively quickly. Wilken entered that final stage of the tournament with one of the short stacks. Several eliminations later, which included former gold ring winners, Wilken managed to build a formidable stack and venture more aggressively into the hunt for the top prize and the gold ring.
The player eventually faced a fellow relative WSOP Circuit newcomer, Will Rowlett, in the final battle for the title.
Wilken had a terrific run throughout the entire heads-up match. The player had already extended his edge in the race to 5:2 before the final hand of the tournament landed. On that last hand, Rowlett went all in with pocket deuces against Wilken’s [2c][8x]. A board of [4x][4x][Jx][Jx][Qx] secured Wilken with the title and the gold ring and sent Rowlett to the rail, good for $9,526.
As mentioned above, Wilken’s share of the prize pool totaled $15,410. The sum was the largest one the player has ever won in a poker tournament. In addition, he claimed his first ever piece of WSOP Circuit jewelry. Wilken said that he would build a new deck for his and his long-time wife, Kim’s deck. The two have known each other for nearly three decades.
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